Students Loan Scheme

The Higher Education Students’ Financing Board (HESFB) is a statutory body established by The Higher Education Students’ Financing Act, No. 2  of 2 established in February, 2014 by an ACT of Parliament with a mandate to provide Loans and Scholarships to Ugandan students seeking to pursue Higher Education.

HESFB is intended to provide loans and scholarships to Ugandan students who have qualified to pursue accredited courses of study or programmes in the recognized Higher Education Institutions in Uganda but are unable to support themselves financially.  HESFB implements the Students Loan Scheme


To increase equitable access to Technical and Higher Education.
To support highly qualified Ugandan students who may not afford Higher Education.
To ensure regional balance in Higher Education services in Uganda.
To support courses critical for national development.
To ensure a sustainable revolving loans fund.

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lot 1, Lourdel Rd, Lourdel Tower 7th Floor P.O Box: 16810 Kampala Uganda

+256 414 255300

+256 392 174 999